At Swadhin we also delivers healthcare and prevention services to communities in India through innovative technology, trained frontline health workers, Nursing Home & nursing Clinics and focus on continuum of care. Swadhin focuses on addressing the primary healthcare needs across all settings – rural, semi-urban and urban areas.


SANTINIKETAN MEDICAL COLLEGE A private, non-profit, medical Institute with world-class infrastructure that specializes in holistic medical education. The goal is to nurture well-trained, idealistic and humane doctors, who will serve the nation dedicatedly. The college has  its multi-specialties promise students the chance to interact with patients, with diverse needs, as well as hone their experience.

At Santiniketan Medical College, you’ll find the creative and comfortable learning atmosphere you have been hoping for Located in Bolpur, Santiniketan


SANTINIKETAN SEBANIKETAN it is established with the aim of providing the society the best medical facility. Doctors with diversified knowledge and huge experiences have made this Nursing Home so special that any patient with health difficulties returns home with the confidence to retrieve quickly from their sickness. Irrespective of time and Nursing Home is treated with utmost importance. We try our level best to provide every single patient the maximum comfort during and after treatment.


The Swadhin trust has the capacity to provide efficient technical & non-technical persons to render complete dedication to run the educational Institutions. successfully. Now, it is conducting training programmers under different livelihood sectors to develop the socio-economic condition of the people mainly of the young people & organizing educational, cultural & social activities effectively.

COVID-19 pandemic has created lots of disruptions worldwide and presented multiple challenges for healthcare providers. We at SWADHIN have been focusing on multiple solutions and initiatives to address some of these challenges


Teaching our students to be the pioneers of the healthcare industry, we ensure each of them undergoes through extensive & rigorous training so that their performance lives up to the name of our institution. Knowledge of our duties is more essential part of philosophy of life. The institutions are equipped with well-furnished classrooms, latest gadgets, teaching aids and laboratories .


Indeed SWADHIN is fundamentally an institution of the youth, “It is the strong mind that hews its way through a thousand difficulties.” The impact of Tagore’s school is well felt here. Santiniketan being very close to Santiniketan Institute of Polytechnic the cultural traditions of Visva-Bharati cast a magic spell all around. The students and teachers are deeply imbued with Rabindranath Tagore’s mission and educational concepts.


These Colleges has been setup with a view to ensure a steady flow of skilled personnel and to reduce unemployment amongst the educated youth by equipping them with required skills, education and discipline for suitable industrial employment as well as self-employment. Basically, it has settled their talent growing center for newbie candidates all over India.  institute keeps a special due to well placed arranged workshop with all machinery and equipment, qualified and experienced Instructors.